Pay It Forward Fitness and Health: Mission and Philosophy

Mission and Philosophy

Here's the short version - more to come in a few days.

Our mission is to help people achieve their goals and lead healthy, fufilling lives.

Our philosophy is that by being positive and taking personal responsibility, each of us can set achievable goals and improve our lives and the lives of others. And when I say "each of us", btw, I mean everyone, not just Marge and I. 

Our initial focus with Beachbody customers is typically on weight management, energy, or fitness - however, reaching those goals requires inner motivation, commitment, and support. When we work with Team Beachbody Coaches the health and fitness goals are there as well, but there is also an element of lifestyle change - sometimes just wanting an additional outlet and income stream, other times a significant change to a new business and career. In all cases belief in oneself and courage to take action and stick with a plan are required, which is why we are big proponents of personal development.

We know that people can change their lives if they want to and if they have the right support. Our job is not to do the work, but to provide the support.

When everyone plays his or her part, the results are wonderful!